"I came in kind of as an outsider.  The family had already been established, even though I was a Ewing."

 "Dallas" Days for Dack. Shown here  with co-star Jennilee Harrison.

Advertisments for Dack's own line of menswear ("Underware and Sportsware by Dack Rambo") and Amaretto.

"I wanted to be one of those who made 'em and sold 'em to the millions of people
across the
country like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren."
Note: Dack Rambo Quotations from the Photo Gallery are from "Soap Opera Digest" (1982) and "Heart To Heart With Dack Rambo" (1993).  
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Early happy times on "Another World" with a costar and friend.

The Ever-Dashing Dack Rambo.
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